7 Business benefits of microsoft teams direct routing

7 Business Benefits of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

If you’re a ‘Microsoft Teams’ business or you’re considering a move to Teams, the next big thing you need to know about is Direct Routing. It’s a service which enhances the Teams platform and brings benefits to...

what to look for in a direct routing provider

What to Look for in a Direct Routing Provider

Adding calling to Microsoft Teams, by routing Teams to the PSTN, sounds like a relatively straightforward service. There are plenty of providers out there offering it. But take a closer look at the various Dire...

remote working is no longer a perk

Remote Working Is No Longer A Perk, It’s A Necessity

Large scale remote working always seemed like something for the distant future. Every time the concept was brought up there would be a general murmur of “well it won’t really work, but give it a year or two”. E...

9 Data Protection Tips for Video Conferencing

9 Data Protection Tips for Video Conferencing

More people than ever before are video conferencing and video calling, using apps and services they’ve not used before or have only used for personal purposes. As an organisation, your challenge is to enable...

5 Top tips to enhance customer experience during lockdown

5 Top Tips to Enhance Customer Experience During Lockdown

Now more than ever, businesses need to work hard to stay in touch with their customers in a relatable and relevant way. While lockdown life remains the norm, it can be easy to let communication with your cus...

How to prepare your business communication systems for a new normal

How to Prepare Your Business Communication Systems for a “New Normal”

As governments around the world start to ease restrictions on movement and working, we are being told to prepare for a “new normal”. But no one can tell us exactly what that will be and how long it will last fo...

how to improve your contact centre effciency

How to Improve Your Contact Centre Efficiency

Contact centre efficiency is valued by agents and customers alike. We all know what it’s like to be on the other end of the phone to a less efficient contact centre and the effect it has on our experience. E...

Technologies that are helping heallthcare providers deliver remote services
Healthcare Insights

Technologies That Are Helping Healthcare Providers Deliver Remote Services

Healthcare organisations around the world have a new challenge: the Covid-19 Coronavirus and how to maintain safe working practices during this time. Now, more than ever, the healthcare sector needs to remain o...

we're all in this together

We’re All In This Together

With all that’s going on in the world it’s normal to feel disconnected. Disconnected from friends, from family, from colleagues. Who would have thought at 23:59 NYE 2019, the majority of the UK workforce would ...

The future of voice

The Future of Voice: Is It Still Good to Talk?

As we say goodbye to ISDN and see more and more data about millennials never having used their mobiles to make an actual phone call, we ask, would customers rather type than talk? In 2020, most businesses ha...