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Team Collaboration and Mobility

Team Collaboration & Mobility

Wherever your team members are in the world, whoever they need to talk to, bring them together to collaborate and meet business objectives.

We offer collaboration solutions for real-time meetings, virtual meetings, training and events, as well as for ongoing project work and working groups. When teams get together, we provide the tools that help them to share content and build great working relationships, quickly and easily.

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    Collaboration boosts productivity

    Working together through voice, video and messaging achieves business goals.

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    Working habits continue to change

    Teams are split across companies, departments, offices and time zones, yet still need to interact.

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    Technology brings teams together

    To promote teamwork, you need to provide your business with the right tools, at the right time.

Collaborate inside and outside of your organisation

Establish strong working relationships within teams, and with customers and partners. Integrated audio, video and web conferencing creates more engaging, interactive meetings and builds trust between participants.

With capabilities for content sharing, instant messaging and polling, you can reach faster, more informed business outcomes.

Benefits to your business

  • Save time and resource

    Work collaboratively without travelling to unnecessary face-to-face meetings. 

  • Achieve business outcomes

    Generate ideas and make decisions through content sharing, instant messaging and polls.  

  • Build better working relationships

    With high-quality video conferencing and shared interactive whiteboards. 

  • Work seamlessly

    With collaboration solutions that can be integrated with your applications and tools.  

  • Overcome barriers to productivity

    Hold meetings in your own virtual ‘room’ which is readily available.  

  • Stay safe

    With end-to-end encryption that protects messages, files and whiteboard drawings. 

Mobile working on any device

Work anywhere whilst remaining connected to your teams, suppliers and customers.

Whether in the boardroom or the home office, on the PC, laptop or mobile device, you can join meetings and contribute to discussions.

For ease of use, control video screens from your mobile or laptop and escalate to full video conferencing when needed.

Our Expertise

We’ve been providing comprehensive collaboration solutions for over a decade, ranging from our own SIP trunking for PSTN access to omnichannel customer contact centres to recording and full managed services.

We combine our technical knowledge with expert partnerships to deliver the best solutions to our customers.


Key to our collaboration solution is Cisco Webex, a powerful set of tools that keep you connected before, during and after your meetings. We believe in the technology we sell, which is why we use Cisco Webex for our day-to-day operations at N4Engage.

Don’t just take our word for it – try Webex and see for yourself how it improves team collaboration and communication.


We’re one of only a handful of organisations to hold the Cisco Cloud & Managed Service Provider designation, and an even more exclusive Cisco Powered Hosted Collaboration Service (HCS) accreditation.

This means we regularly undergo rigorous third-party audits of our operations, verifying that we have the expertise to provide reliable, secure and supported collaboration solutions.

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Bring teams and external partners together with our collaboration tools.

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