Finance & Insurance

Secure, reliable financial services

As an insurance or financial services company improving customer experience means adapting to your customers’ communication preferences, whilst continuing to provide a secure, reliable and compliant service.

  • Customers expect you to use secure, reliable systems

    Downtime and data breaches put your reputation, customer loyalty and profitability at risk.

  • You need flexible collaboration systems

    Ones which allow you to adapt to customer communication preferences, which can be scaled up quickly when you acquire new businesses.

  • Ageing, separate systems are holding you back

    Maintaining on-premise systems takes time and money, and if they’re not integrated, impacts on productivity.

Our finance & insurance collaboration services offer a unique range of benefits

  • Provide reliable, real-time, secure services

    Move away from legacy on-premise systems to our cloud collaboration platform, with high resilience at the physical and design level.

  • Support workforce mobility and productivity

    Provide staff with collaboration and mobile working tools that integrate with payment platforms and solutions from Software as a Service providers.

  • Deliver a consistent customer experience

    With our omnichannel customer contact solutions, customers can interact with you seamlessly by phone, email, webchat and social media messaging.

  • Improve operations, reduce costs

    Work from a unified cloud collaboration platform, instead of on-premise systems.

  • Easily achieve regulatory compliance

    Use our call recording, reporting and PCI compliance services.

  • Scale up quickly with new acquisitions

    Add users quickly and easily on our cloud collaboration platform.

Improve productivity, boost profitability

Working with multiple collaboration systems, which are not integrated, can get in the way of productivity. If your systems are hosted on premise, maintaining them takes time and resource – which again interferes with productivity.

Move away from multiple legacy systems to a fully managed cloud collaboration platform and you’ll make time and cost-savings.

Your staff will spend less time moving between disparate systems or maintaining on premise equipment, and more time on activities which provide a return on investment.

Attract and retain customers

Today’s customers expect instant access to their policies and customer service. And they expect a consistent level of service however they interact with you, whether by self-service functions, social media messaging, email, phone or in-person. 

Our omnichannel customer contact centre solutions bring all your communications channels together on to one platform, which is easy for agents to use. Meaning you can provide a consistent, reliable service that keeps existing customers happy and attracts new ones. 

‘Compliance is imperative to protect against the risk of fines relating to privacy and security. We put customers at the forefront when we deliver collaborative solutions; ensuring our solutions are compliant and meet business needs. We plan and design solutions which allow businesses to reshape their workforce capability, while at the same time allowing everyone to work in a secure manner.’

Vicky Withey
Senior Compliance Manager

Compliance is key

Adapting to regulatory change means changing your operational processes, which often requires changing your technology.

We provide a range of services which enable you to meet the latest regulatory changes and provide your customers with a compliant experience. Our range includes call recording for policy claims, as well as reporting solutions that can help you to achieve compliance with PCI DSS, MiFID II and GDPR.

Why N4Engage?

  • Integrations with payment and SaaS platforms

  • PCI compliance provided by expert partner KeyIVR

  • History of working with insurance and financial services companies

We’ve been providing collaboration solutions for over a decade, drawing on our in-house expertise and strong relationships with industry-leading vendors.

Cisco Cloud & Managed Services Program (CMSP) Provider

As a close partner of Cisco and one of only a handful of organisations to hold Cisco Powered Hosted Collaboration Service (HCS) accreditation, you can be sure we know our Cisco products. We regularly undergo rigorous third-party audits of our operations, verifying that we have the expertise to provide reliable, secure and supported collaboration solutions.

Microsoft Certified Partner

A trusted Microsoft Partner, we hold certifications including Microsoft Azure Expert MSP, and Microsoft Tier Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Direct Partner. These enable us to deliver a true hybrid platform, with extensive capabilities across Azure public cloud, as well as services deployed in our own UK-based data centres. Services include Microsoft 365 or Office 365 licences, and our Direct Routing and Teams Call Recording solutions utilising Microsoft-certified technology.

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