PCI-DSS Compliant Payment Solutions

Take secure, PCI compliant payments over the phone without compromising customer experience 

Here at N4Engage we provide a range of solutions that reduce the scope of your PCI compliance and associated financial outlay.

However you prefer to take customer payments, whether through your agents, a self-serve option or both, we’ll help you find a secure, compliant solution for your business and customers.  

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    Concerned about PCI-DSS compliance?

    You need to be if you’re handling cardholder data. Yet, with the standard involving over 350 audit controls, meeting requirements and avoiding breaches is no easy task.

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    Managing compliance with homeworkers?

    Existing solutions like ‘pausing and resuming’ call recording may not be up to the job. There’s nothing stopping a rogue agent from taking cardholder information.

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    Want to improve your customer experience?

    Perhaps you’re interested in offering self-serve payment options or the ability to make payments outside of office hours – all while remaining PCI compliant?

£2.77 million – the average cost of a data breach

The costs of a data breach quickly rack up, and it’s not just fines and penalties you have to think about.  

You may be subject to legal costs, settlements and judgements, higher subsequent costs of compliance, and the cost of reissuing new payment cards. 

A breach will affect the entire payment ecosystem and the people who are part of it. 

Customers lose trust in you and their credit can be negatively affected, so they may take their custom elsewhere. Merchants also lose credibility and business, and will try to recover losses from you.  

Ultimately, a breach can result in job losses and closing the doors of your business for good. So it pays to observe PCI compliance.

Guarantee great customer experience

Our solutions have been designed with agent and customer experience as priorities, so you’ll never have to sacrifice customer service to maintain PCI compliance.  

Agent-assisted solutions allow an agent to remain in continuous conversation with the customer. They can see card payment progress and coach the customer through the steps to providing payment, without ever handling cardholder information.  

Self-service IVRs and click-to-pay meet increasing customer demand for self-service options, enabling your customers to make payments quickly, easily and at a time it suits them. Agents can instead focus on more complex customer interactions, enabling your contact centre to deliver service that’s tailored to your customers’ needs.   

Our PCI-DSS Compliant Payment Solutions provides a unique range of benefits

  • Cost-effective

    Our solutions reduce the scope of your PCI compliance, making it simpler and cheaper, and helping you to avoid costly data breaches.

  • Seamless

    Integrate our solutions into any CRM system so that customer records remain up to date and you provide a consistent customer experience.

  • Easy setup

    Our solutions are fully hosted, so you don’t have to worry about building, managing and maintaining the infrastructure – that’s all taken care of.

  • Flexible licensing

    Concurrent licencing, charged per transaction per month, provides you with more flexibility and makes budgeting far easier.

  • Compatible

    Whether you are using Cisco HCS, Microsoft Teams or another third-party PBX via SIP – you can be sure our solutions provide a seamless user experience.

  • Tailored to requirements

    Our experts will seek to understand your business requirements and find a solution that’s right for you, whether agent-assisted, IVR or click-to-pay.

Agent-assisted payments

Help your agents take secure, PCI compliant card payments over the phone while providing a consistent customer experience.  

Our solution is based on KeyIVR technology, a fully hosted, Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliant V3.2.1 platform. When an agent takes a payment from a customer, they transfer the call to KeyIVR, who loop the call back to the agent. Key IVR passes the cardholder information to the payment provider without your agent ever needing to hear or see it – meaning your business’s scope for PCI compliance reduces massively.  

The solution offers real-time reporting, call recording throughout (no need to pause and resume)integration with major payment service providers, tokenisation support for future payments, and a user interface so the agent can see payment progressThese features ensure every call is secure, compliant and delivers a consistently great customer experience. 

Self-service IVR

For a secure, 24x7x365 payment system, turn to our PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant IVR solution.  

A self-service IVR provides an around-the-clock, automated service for simple, repetitive calls. It delivers a quick service to the caller, frees up your agents to handle more complex calls and reduces operational costs.  

The solution is also brandable, with professional voice artist recorded messages included and includes multi-lingual and multi-currency support. 


Improve payment conversion with a pay-by-link service, sending a personalised SMSemail, or WhatsApp with a unique link to each customer. 

The service is fully brandable, includes multiple, dynamic fields to personalise messages, and works on all web browsing devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop PCs). 

By linking to a 3D secure, PCI-DSS compliant web payments page the solution means there are fewer steps needed to make payments, improving customer experience and using less agent resource. 

Why KeyIVR technology?

When it comes to choosing technology we look for a partner that aligns with our values, and offers a solution that will benefit our customers. That’s why we chose KeyIVR.

KeyIVR have been developing IVRs for 15+ years and are registered with Visa Europe as a QSA assessed service and adhere to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The KeyIVR technology we use is an ISO 27001 certified, Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliant V3.2.1 platform that comes recommended by the Chartered Institute of Credit Management, worldwide payment gateways and PCI-DSS QSAs, and processes over £800m per annum.

Our Expertise

We’ve been providing collaboration and communications solutions for over 15 years. Drawing on our in-house capabilities and strong relationships with industry-celebrated partners, we have a wide range of expertise in integrating contact centres and payment systems.

We work closely with customers to establish what they need and how it can be delivered on time and budget, with no unnecessary complications or disruptions.

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