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Remote Working Is No Longer A Perk, It’s A Necessity

Large scale remote working always seemed...
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9 Data Protection Tips for Video Conferencing

More people than ever before are video c...
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5 Top Tips to Enhance Customer Experience During Lockdown

Now more than ever, businesses need to w...
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How to Prepare Your Business Communication Systems for a “New Normal”

As governments around the world start to...
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How to Improve Your Contact Centre Efficiency

Contact centre efficiency is valued by a...
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Technologies That Are Helping Healthcare Providers Deliver Remote Services

Healthcare organisations around the worl...
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We’re All In This Together

With all that’s going on in the world it...
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The Future of Voice: Is It Still Good to Talk?

As we say goodbye to ISDN and see more a...
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Can You Work From Anywhere?

Many businesses are currently reviewing ...
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So Long ISDN – It’s Been Emotional

The news that traditional phone lines we...
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UC and Collaboration Are Changing (and So Are We)

Collaboration technologies, and customer...
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Security & Compliance Solutions

Bringing Chat-Ops to Cyber-Security

I'm Martin and I'm a Cyber-Security Engi...
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Fax: The Voldemort of the Communication World?

Today’s connected world is shaped around...
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Phoney Phone Lines and Sure-Fire Security: How to Prevent SIP Trunk Fraud

While businesses go to great lengths to ...
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The Future of Collaboration is Calling

With the festive season drawing ever nea...
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The Rise and Rise of Cisco Webex

Cast your minds back to 2003, Tony Blair...
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So, How Artificial is AI?

When we see the fantastic technological ...
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Collaboration thought leaders

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

I’ve worked in various roles within IT a...
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