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what to look for in a direct routing provider

What to Look for in a Direct Routing Provider

Adding calling to Microsoft Teams, by routing Teams to the PSTN, sounds like a relatively straightforward service. There are plenty of providers out there offering it. But take a closer look at the various Dire...

Microsoft Teams

How to Prepare Your Business Communication Systems for a “New Normal”

As governments around the world start to ease restrictions on movement and working, we are being told to prepare for a “new normal”. But no one can tell us exactly what that will be and how long it will last fo...

Phoney phones lines and sure-fire security

Phoney Phone Lines and Sure-Fire Security: How to Prevent SIP Trunk Fraud

While businesses go to great lengths to protect their IT infrastructure against nefarious cyber criminals, there is one vital aspect of business security that is so often overlooked – effectively securing your ...