Microsoft Teams Call Recording

Microsoft Teams Call Recording

Our Microsoft Teams Call Recording solution enables you to record Teams calls with integrity, capturing audio, video and screen sharing, to meet your compliance needs.  

It’s delivered as a fully managed, native Azure service, meaning you don’t need to worry about investing in hardware, deploying, managing or supporting the solution. That’s all taken care of by us, experts in collaboration and trusted Microsoft compliance recording partners.  

While our solution is perfect for call recording in Microsoft Teams, it also allows for integrations into every other collaboration platform. So no need to worry if you’re using a recorder in a legacy system, or you’ve not yet migrated all users across to Teams. Capture all your call recordings in a single pane of glass.  

Call recording for compliance, with the flexibility and affordability of a cloud service.

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    Need a call recording platform that guarantees compliance?

    With the rise in agents using Microsoft Teams and other collaboration solutions to interact with customers, you need a robust solution to contend with regulatory compliance.

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    Keen to record calls in Teams, without the big CAPEX investment?

    Gone are the days of hefty hardware investments and restrictive contracts; you need a solution that can flex to your organisation’s size and changing compliance requirements.

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    Want to get a better handle on quality management across your organisation?

    You need more visibility of your interactions – whether external or internal – to drive service improvements, keep existing customers happy and attract new customers.

Microsoft Teams

In the modern workplace, teams need to communicate on their preferred devices, via different channels, often from separate locations. Without a strategic, unified communications solution, business communication can become disorganised, siloed and ultimately unproductive. 

Microsoft Teams brings your teams together onto one cloud-based communications platform, enabling them to chat, meet, make calls and share documents using intuitive tools and familiar apps. 

Communicate wherever, whenever and however you need to with Microsoft Teams.

How does Microsoft Teams Call Recording work?

Ensure that whenever a targeted user is making a call, there’s always a recording.

Our Teams recording is policy-based, so if there is a policy associated with a user (known as a targeted user), the call recording bot will enter the call and silently stream it back to the cloud 

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Our Microsoft Teams Call Recording solution provides a unique range of benefits

  • Compliance

    Meets GDPR, MiFID II and PCI DSS regulations, with built-in recording notifications, 256bit AES encryption and PCI audio suppression.

  • Delivered as a service

    On a distributed multi-tenant platform, deployed, managed and maintained by us. No hardware investment required.

  • Security

    All recordings are protected with multi-level encryption, role-based access control, two-factor authentication and controls on sharing.

  • Data sovereignty

    Comply with data sovereignty requirements, with data stored securely in your choice of more than 15 regional Azure data centres.

  • Unified solution

    Integrates with a range of communications platforms and legacy systems, making all call recordings available in a single pane of glass.

  • Flexibility

    Deployed in less than an hour, our platform offers the benefits of elastic scalability and an open API to meet your organisation’s needs.

Data security

With data breaches resulting in huge reputational and financial costs, it’s critical you keep your call recordings secure. Our call recording solution has been designed and built with security as a priority: 

  • Multi-level encryption – rather than being encrypted based on tenant, group or user, every single call is encrypted with its own key. So if one recording is compromised, no others are.  
  • Tamper-proofing – every call is digitally signed to validate the call and indicate it has not been tampered with. 
  • Granular security roles – apply profiles and permissions to individuals and groups, dictating who can edit, access and share calls. 
  • Audit trail – track events for every recording, including when recording has been played back, downloaded and shared 
  • Secure sharing – share calls via an expiring link and shut down links when you wish, so you never have an unencrypted call in the public domain. 
  • PCI audio suppression – enable agents to trigger muting of sensitive data, such as credit card information. 
  • Bring Your Own Storage – want to store calls on your own platform? Choose to store call recordings in your own Azure blob.

Call analytics and agent performance

Evaluating agent-customer interactions, as well as internal interactions, is vital for quality management. With our Teams Call Recording solution, this is all made possible through: 

  • Quality evaluation scoring – measure individual and team performance by reviewing and scoring calls. 
  • Speech to text transcription – gain insights from highly accurate transcriptions. Search transcripts by filters or the free text search box. 
  • Video/screen share views – experience the call in its entirety with windows showing video calls and screen shares.  

We're here to help

No matter what stage of the Microsoft Teams journey you’re on, or who your Teams or Direct Routing service provider is, we’re here to help.

Using Teams managed by another Service Provider? No problem. We can provide Call Recording for any Teams user, regardless of who provides your Microsoft Teams solution.

Using Microsoft Calling Plans or another providers Direct Routing solution? No problem. Whilst our Teams Direct Routing solution provides a reliable, cost-effective and scalable calling platform, it is still possible to use our recording platform regardless of your chosen calling solution.

Our Expertise

Microsoft Certified Partner

We’re experienced in Microsoft solutions in our own right, as a Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Solutions Provider, with the ability to provide a range of solutions beyond call recording. These include Microsoft 365 and Office 365 licences, as well as our Direct Routing service utilising Microsoft-certified technology. 

Industry-leading technology

Our solution is based on technology designed by Numonix, a long-established partner of Microsoft and one of the first providers in the world to deliver a compliant call recording solution for Microsoft Teams. Its IXCloud system empowers enterprises of all sizes to record all kinds of meeting, calling and chat scenarios in Teams.

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