26th-27th January 2021

The Journey to a Hybrid Workplace

Why attend?

In 2020, we were thrown into a remote working environment with limited time to adequately prepare. Now, many of us are considering a new ‘hybrid working’ approach where there’s a mixture of office-based workers and remote workers.

The Journey to a Hybrid Workplace will guide you through best practice approaches to hybrid working, top considerations to think about, and the best tools to improve collaboration and business productivity.

  • Improved collaboration

    Our speakers will guide you through the best tools and processes to ensure a collaborative, and productive, hybrid working environment.

  • A panel of experts

    Hear expert opinions on hybrid working from industry thought leaders from Cisco, Enghouse, Cavell Group and N4Engage.

  • A best practice approach

    Walk away with top tips and considerations to help drive your hybrid working strategy.

  • Research-based guidance

    Cavell Group will provide research-backed advice and guidance to help you prepare for the future.

Day One

How to Survive & Thrive in a Hybrid World

Jeremy Payne, VP International Marketing, Enghouse

In a world that has seen fundamental shifts in the way customers interact, staff adapt and competitors attack. Have you taken a close look at the ways you intend to win? Many organisations find themselves boxed into restrictive thinking, based around concerns of how they will adapt their people, processes, systems and policies.

Organisations need to rethink new practices to adapt to the new hybrid way of working through a Digital by Design approach. We will take a look at the top 5 changes smart organisations need to make to their customer experience approach to survive and thrive in the new hybrid world.

The Journey to a Hybrid Workplace

Mark Needham, Business Development Manager, Cisco

The workplace is a destination for collaboration, and with a workforce that is going to be more geographically dispersed, intelligent workspaces are a critical component in the journey to a hybrid workspace.

From the home office to the safe return to the office, displays, sensors, automation and AI will support the modern secure workforce by removing friction points and keeping workers safe and productive from any location, at any time.

Access Best Practices for Working From Home

Jamie Gunnell, Connectivity Product Manager

Finding the right work space within your home to work from and ensuring that space is free of distractions and noise is key to maintaining great productivity levels. From your home broadband connection through the efficiency of your laptop to that troublesome WiFi spot in your home, Jamie takes a look at tips and actions you can take to ensure you are doing all you can with your technology to help improve your working from home experience.

Day Two

Security & Compliance Fundamentals of Hybrid Working

Vicky Withey, Head of Compliance – Andy Collins, Head of Security – Martin Rothe, Security Operations Centre Team Leader

In this panel discussion our experts explore the key security and compliance considerations when adopting a hybrid working approach. Join the discussion to discover:

  • Learnings from our customers over the past year
  • Top tips and guidance on ensuring your workspace is secure and compliant
  • Suggestions on where to begin if you’re at the start of your hybrid working journey

The Rising Trend of 'Work Anywhere’ and How to Future-Proof Your Workforce

Dominic Black, Director – Research, Cavell Group

This session will look at how the workplace has changed irrevocably in 2020 and what the future of the workplace looks like. Not only will work be done ‘anywhere’ in the future, but the service and technologies that enterprises need to be adopting like video and collaboration, and the importance of securing those services in the cloud, will continue to grow in importance to enable this shift.

Join Cavell who will be taking you through their market research on the trends that businesses need to be aware of and how to future-proof your communications stack.

The Importance of Engagement in a Covid World

Ian Thomas, Operations Director

In this session Ian Thomas explores how to maintain a strong company culture regardless of whether employees are in the office or working remotely, as well as exploring the importance of employee wellbeing. You’ll leave this session with a greater understanding of the benefits of culture and wellbeing, alongside tips and best practices to migrate from remote working to hybrid working.

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